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AmBull Breeder Situation Update [Jan. 21st, 2017|05:11 pm]
Lhunpaurwen - Lhunie
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An update to the situation with the AmBull breeder. She returned $300 to me, which is something she does not normally do.  While it was not the full amount I should have gotten back, some is better than none.  We had a chance to speak back and forth and more details came to light. The whole thing was a huge misunderstanding on both our parts caused by unreliable communication in the form of missed text messages and such, because she lives in a poor service area ( I know this is true because my grandparents don't live far from there ). We apologized to each other and left off on the best terms we could, given the circumstance. If anyone would like more information on the matter, they may feel free to contact me directly.