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Femur Funny - Lhunpaurwen's Ramblings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lhunpaurwen - Lhunie

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Femur Funny [Jan. 31st, 2017|08:53 pm]
Lhunpaurwen - Lhunie
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Ember and I went to an appointment with a new doctor the other day.  When we walked into the room, we found this anatomy model, who looked like it had seen better days. The femur bone there was broken in half, taped together with duct tape to make it whole again. After the doctor comes in and we introduce ourselves, I gesture to the model and say "I hope you don't plan on fixing me like you fixed him".  The doctor grins and replies "Duct tape really *can* fix anything!"  He's a keeper.