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Have A Slice Of Darwinism With Your Coronavirus

I originally wrote this sometime back in May I think, but it got lost in my drafts and I forgot to post it when I got sick.  Sharing it now because it is still very relevant and cringe worthy laugh-able in the "I told you so" sense.  Wish I would have posted it back then for better irony laughs revisiting it.

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It amazes me that despite a global wide viral pandemic, people are still swarming to bars and beaches like flies on shit. There is no such thing as "social distancing" in places like that.

Immediately going right back out after quarantine limits were lifted and acting like it is just a normal day and "business as usual". No caution or concern about the virus. No masks, nothing. People flocking back to places like the mall.

I'm sorry, but there is nothing at the mall that you need to get, that you can't get anywhere else or buy online and have sent direct to your home.

Places made specifically for the sake of large social gatherings are worse.

Packed tighter than sardines in a can in some pictures and videos I have seen.  They get a few alcoholic drinks in, and forget all about any sense of caution they might have had, which was clearly slim to begin with.

Entitled children ( and yes I use that term to refer to adults doing this as well ) who think their socializing is more important than preserving the health of the world population.

Their kind of idiocy will be the death of us all. Population control.  Darwinism in action.

I cringe to think of resurgences in the outbreak we will see over the coming months.

They will blame new outbreak spikes on everything but their own stupidity and the criminally dangerous handling of this entire situation through all levels of US government; local, state, federal.

Dear politicians: As usual, you all dropped the ball and failed us all.  Not taking this more seriously the second it was whispered behind closed doors, before the general public even found out.

You all were more worried about the corporations and money, than properly educating ignorant people about how dangerous this thing was.

Pretended like it wasn't so bad.  Many states saying let's open back up early!  Clearly science and the CDC guidelines and warnings, they shouldn't be followed, noooo.

It would require some level of actual common sense, intelligence, and higher reasoning skills, to realize doing so is a very, very bad idea and is going to make things worse.

Something you and your sheep followers utterly lack.

I hope this will be a serious wakeup call for the US and world at large, to stop letting politicians and mega corporations control everything in the world just so they can fill their own pockets and keep the rest of us struggling and dying for them, just because they have the money to do whatever they want to sway legislation so it only benefits them.

Mega corps need to be forced to pay their taxes and not benefit from tax break loop holes that put the burden on the people who work for them and buy their products.  That is what keeps them so filthy rich and greedy, while all these bastards in the government are bought out by their bribes and under the table support. They all need to be taken out back and shot, repeatedly.
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