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Family Medical Updates

I'm not sure where to even begin with how this year has run our family, and everyone I know, through the wringer, repeatedly.  We're trying to make the best of it all and take things one day at a time.

Haven't had the heart to write about most of it beyond what I already have.  But I know my family and friends are worried, so I wanted to reach out while I had time and half the brains to write an update.  Love and thanks to those of you who have reached out to check on us.

After having problems for over a year, Mike went in months ago for a simple surgery procedure and ended up having complications from it. The complications led to some bad and very dangerous stuff that required an ER visit and us getting very angry at some doctors, and led to him having another surgery, and needing at least one more, depending on results of the most recent procedure. They finally decided he likely has Crohns, and have started treatment for it.

My mother is not doing well either.  She spent several days in ICU on IV drip, needed a transfusion, and stayed in the hospital a few more days after. She has been going through various treatments for stage 3 colon cancer for over a year now.  She was having trouble getting the care she needed and not telling me. When I found out how bad it really was I insisted on driving down to help. I came to stay at the farm property to visit her and grandma about a month ago, and have been here helping take care of them.

I took mom to see a surgeon and finally made some progress. She needs some pretty extensive surgery now. The head surgeon needs to coordinate 3 other doctors of different specialties to do it. Earliest they can do it is Dec 7th.

Trying to find somewhere safe and sterile/clean for us to stay for a few months after mom's surgery, so she can recover without risk of infection or complications. If anyone near Slidell has a clean place with modern conveniences to rent, or knows someone trustworthy who does, please contact me with the details.

We are in a rural area without a reliable internet connection, so I will keep checking back as I can. My email leopardwolf@gmail.com is probably the best method to reach me right now.  Some wilderness and creative adventures are being documented for Patreon/Twitch while I am here, since I am not able to stream.
Hope everyone is staying safe and doing as well as can be. Much love to all of you!
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