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Mom Medical Update

Wanted to give everyone an update on how mom is doing. She had her surgery back in the beginning of December. It ended up being almost 12hrs long and went well.  The surgeons had to do a lot more than expected. Since it was such a long surgery on the abdominal region, they decided to wait to remove the affected lymph nodes later, in a second surgery after more chemo treatment.
Mom stayed in the hospital for the beginning of recovery and things were relatively okay.  She has since been moved to a long term care facility. There have been some issues with certain things happening there, so I had to light more fires to address said issues.
The whole situation during my mother's treatment has left me pretty angry with local medical professionals not doing their jobs. The only ones who I can sing praises for are the surgeons and their immediate staff, and a handful of nurses along the way.  The rest have been horrid.
Mom is in good spirits overall, just tired and resting a lot, which is to be expected.  It's going to be a lengthy recovery process that is going to require ongoing care. So far everything looks okay.  We just have to keep hoping and praying it stays that way.
My mom and I send the deepest thanks for all of you who have offered your love and support, prayers, and well wishes during this difficult time.  Mom was surprised and humbled to know so many people across the US and in other countries all over the world were thinking of her and praying for healing and speedy recovery.
Keep those prayer circles going, and positive thoughts and healing energy flowing!
Warm wishes, light, and love to all of you.  Stay safe out there.

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